Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The process has begun......

I've started packing and I'm taking it all very seriously with a new folding style and a list of everything that is going to be packed. I suppose having all this time on your hands leaves one to be incredibly organized. This has all been very difficult because my seasonal allergies have kicked in and I feel like taking my eyeballs out and sticking them in cold water, not to mention all the weird sounds I'm making trying to effectively scratch my throat...and a runny and itchy nose doesn't even begin to describe how my nostrils feel!

I decided that since I was packing and folding so wonderfully that I'd take everything out of my closet and start folding everything and make it look more like a store than a garage sale. I had stuff all over the place (my mom knows what I'm talking about) and I just need some organization right now, because I have so many feelings that are starting to overwhelm me that I feel if I have a less hectic closet that perhaps all my anxiety will calm down.

Anyway, me, being a creature of habit did my normal "closet cleaning activity" which means as I started cleaning and organizing I started to dress myself, luckily I made it out only wearing a winter hat. Normally, as my family knows..I could end up in anything from my prom dress to pants that I bought in 8th grade, an air force sweatshirt, any jewelry I managed to find, a hat and gloves. I'll normally come out of the closet (haha I'm not a lesbian) wearing various outfits at one time that I managed to put together and then I get bored of cleaning and end up wearing my weird concoction for most of the day. But, as I've just started with the cleaning Ross could come home to me wearing either

a) a very fancy dress, with my pajamas underneath and the winter hat
b) my pajamas and a winter hat (i dont get out of my jammies unless i HAVE to)
c) jeans and a shirt (like a normal person)

I'll go with option a

My apartment

this is the lovely hallway

living room

more living room

and finally...the bedroom

we obviously have a kitchen and a bathroom, but the bathroom is un-photogenic and the kitchen was too messy to photograph. So you'll just have to enjoy these for now!

Hope everyone is well!