Monday, 9 November 2009

finally got a new job!

Friday, 18 September 2009

cockney rhyming slang

'smack in the eye and mash'

Just another day

Today is a day full of multi-tasking. I'm currently watching TV and blogging and earlier I was drinking tea and cleaning; tea is supposed to be enjoyed while sitting on a comfy couch, but on a day like today there is no time to spare...which makes me wonder why I'm sitting here when I could instead be cleaning and singing.

The reason for all the multi-tasking? It's a busy day, but I'm physically unable to let go of my morning rituals (these rituals consist of wasting time, watching tv and interneting) in order to get everything done. And also, my dear friend is coming over and I must make sure that the flat looks gorgeous, a first impression is important. I don't want my little lady (my beautiful flat) to look like some neglected thrift store.

I should be baking a cake and getting ready for my VERY important appointment today, but I can't seem to get my bum off this chair-which is only making my bum bigger. I'm such a lazy bugger.

Anywho let me blog about my week; it has consisted of wedding photographer interviewing, wedding planning, being broke, eating too much, spending too much money on food, watching a copious amount of television, interneting, getting into altercations with the telephone people, feeling robbed, re-thinking wedding plans (again), tea drinking, registering for my classes, seeing old pals, PRing for a club and feeling old and stupid, and being nice to my manager for once OH AND HOW COULD I FORGET, YESTERDAY I WAS ON TIME TO WORK FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS! I practically got a standing ovation from my managers and they even applauded me. the funny thing though is that although i was on time to the train station to get the train that day, THE TRAIN was late! but i made it on time anyway but i must gather from this that the whole world is conspiring against me, and i may never be on time again.

the end.