Friday, 19 March 2010

wedding dream

So, last night I had a wedding dream. I've had wedding dreams before but usually only when I'm stressed about the wedding, and they normally aren't this vivid, but in this particular dream I was wearing my dress and shoes (both of which I own already). Usually dreams involve me wearing a purple dress, or I don't have my dress and that's part of the nightmare. Anyway in this dream, like all the others, I wasn't prepared; my nails had chipped nail polish, I had to do my hair myself, I was running around like mad and then ROSS SAW ME IN MY DRESS BEFORE THE CEREMONY!

In my wedding dreams it's like my wedding pops up and I'm not ready, it's like I wake up in the dream and say "shit, today's my wedding and I'm not ready"; but not ready as in not prepared, NOT as in I'm not ready to marry him. That's why I find all these dreams funny, because aren't dreams suppose to tell you something? What do these dreams mean? Also, this was the first time in my life that I was able to wake up, go back to sleep and continue with the same dream! WEIRD. This dreams fill me with a sense of paranoia, I always seem to forget something in the dream. And what scared me about my dream last night was that it was so...true to real life. My dress, shoes and rings were the same. I panicked about forgetting the iPod, I was nervous about so many things and I woke up feeling physically nervous. Now that I'm awake I obviously feel better, but I'm wondering if these dreams are in a way preparing me to prepare myself for the day. I'm completely a control freak anyway so I'm hoping I wouldn't forget anything, but maybe these dreams are a way of reminding me NOT to forget the rings and the iPod and to have fun!

Eh, I don't know. All I know is that I'm soo excited for when the day actually comes, and hopefully Ross won't see me in my dress until I'm ready for him to!

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